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Friendly, Knowledgeable Legal Services & Advice

Patricia L. Reardon Barrister & Solicitor is well experienced in the following areas:

General Law Practice

General Law includes topics such as notarizations. Patricia L Reardon offers services from authenticating important documents to ensuring that you’re compensated for the work you’ve done.

Real Estate Law

Buying or selling a home? Allow the law office of Patricia L. Reardon to help you sort through the real estate issues. From initial building purchases to mortgages and refinancing, Patricia L. Reardon offers her years of experience to help you manage.

Divorce & Family Law

Family law and divorce are often very sensitive issues especially when children are involved. Patricia L. Reardon understands the delicacy of the situation and provides advice and services that can help you through these difficult times quickly and with little complication.

Wills & Estates

Patricia L. Reardon Barrister & Solicitor handles wills and estate planning. The task of sorting through your personal and financial affairs may seem daunting at first, but Patricia works directly with you to make the process run more smoothly. She also offers services including power of attorney and probates.

For more information on the legal services offered at Patricia L. Reardon Barrister & Solicitor, please contact us.

Looking for sound legal advice from a lawyer with years of experience? Contact Patricia
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